Hype – Young Professionals of MHK

Business Community Initiatives

Hype connects, engages and develops young professionals to encourage a more vibrant, diverse, and desirable Manhattan. Its mission contains five pillars that are each led by a committee. 


The Engage pillar represents Hype’s efforts to help open doors for University students before they leave school providing community understanding and employer engagement for Manhattan. Additionally, this pillar represents Hype’s interests in helping transitioning military, new-to-town young professionals, and trailing spouses.


The Connect pillar represents Hype’s efforts to help young professionals make new connections through networking. While networking will inevitably occur at all Hype functions and across multiple Hype pillars, this pillar represents Hype’s interest in creating opportunities explicitly for networking and relationship building.


The Develop pillar represents Hype’s efforts to accelerate young professionals’ personal and professional development through ongoing educational opportunities.


The Play pillar represents Hype’s efforts to create fun, social opportunities for young professionals to unplug from the day to day and get to know fellow young professionals through casual, network and relationship-building opportunities. This pillar serves Hype by helping to put the ‘young’ in “Young Professionals.”


The #LoveMHK pillar represents Hype’s efforts to help young professionals build deep and meaningful connections to Manhattan. Through community, civic and nonprofit engagement, this pillar helps young professionals “go deeper” in their involvement with Manhattan itself and, through programming, aims to instill a sense of pride and commitment to the community.

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